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Custom Orthotics. Prefabricated Orthotics. Short Term Insoles. Long Term Orthoses.

Want to know why not having your orthotics checked every year will put your feet at risk? Click here.

Sports Injuries. Pain Management. Foot and Ankle Pain. Heel Pain. Rehabilitation From Injuries.

Are these 5 things causing your heel pain?

Biomechanical Assessments. Sports Injuries. Overuse Injuries. Gait Retraining.

Are you hitting the slopes this winter? Then this is for you!

Injuries, trip and falls. Growing Pains. Problematic Toenails. Warts and Verrucas.

Is your child experiencing growing pains? Click here.

Partial and Total Nail Removal Procedures.

See the lessons we’ve learnt about ingrown toenails here.

Verruca Dry Needling or Surgical Excision.

Learn how to get rid of plantar warts here.

Problematic Toenails. Warts and Verrucas. Corns and Callus. Cracked Heels.

We get rid of your corn and callus pain in one appointment – here’s how.

Toenail care. Corn and callus removal. Fungal infection treatment.

Are cracked heels causing you discomfort? Click here.

Heel Height Alterations. Lateral or Medial Wedges. Shoe Stretching.

Are your shoes hindering your recovery from injury? Click here.

Diabetes and Arthritis.

Diabetic foot checks can save your feet – literally. Here’s how.

Braces. Splints. Compression. Pads. Props.

We have a large range of braces to meet all of your needs.

Medical Pedicure. Thickened Toenails. Broken Nails. Hard or Dry Skin. Cuticle Care.

We take the infection worry out of pedicures with our medical pedicures.