Yes. There is free underground parking and plenty of off-street parking.
Yes. We are fully wheelchair accessible with handy disability parking by the entrance.
Our usual hours are: Monday to Saturday – 8.30AM to 6.30PM We close on Public Holidays. If you would like an appointment outside these hours, email us your request and we will do our best to accommodate you.
No, we do not offer home visits.
Yes, we can refer you to radiology for xrays, ultrasounds and labtests for mycology testing.
If you are coming in for a biomechanical assessment, please bring in a couple of shoes that you wear regularly so we can assess them. Please also bring some shorts.
Yes. We can put you under ACC if you meet the criteria.
Yes. We ask for payment upfront and provide you with a full receipt with which to make a claim to your insurer.  Policies do vary so it’s best to check with your insurance provider to make certain you have podiatry cover.
No, just book an appointment and come along!
Approximately 30-45 minutes for new patients and 15-30 minutes for follow-ups.
At least 24-hour cancellation notice is required. Missed appointments with no notice might be invoiced.
Short-term customised orthotics are usually ready within a week and long-term customised orthotics are usually ready within two weeks. We are usually able to work with most time restraints, just let our team know at the time of your appointment.
Short-term orthotics are customised for your feet from a base orthotic to help alleviate pain and improve your biomechanical foot function. These have a shorter lifespan and are less expensive than long-term orthotics because of the different materials used. These are good as a temporary solution to a foot problem or condition, or acute injuries where the orthotics will help settle the problem. Long-term orthotics are custom-designed and manufactured from a cast of your feet and have a lifespan of several years, if not longer. These are adjustable over time to complement any changes in your feet or biomechanics. It is with these orthotics that we achieve superior results for a variety of problems and injuries.
Long-term custom orthotics cost $550 and short-term orthotics cost $170. Discounts are available when you order more than one pair of orthotics at the same time.
Most closed-in shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, and sneaker-type shoes have no problem accommodating orthotics. Some brands, such as Ziera, have a variety of boots and sandals that are orthotic-friendly. We’ll be able to advise you of the suitability of your footwear for orthotics at your appointment and can help you with any new shoe recommendations.
The answer to this depends on the purpose of your orthotics. If your orthotics are working to reduce pressure or strain on your feet when you walk in general, alleviate weight from an ulcer, or reduce pain from conditions like osteoarthritis, then we do recommend wearing your orthotics as much as possible because they will only achieve their function – and help you feel better – when they’re being worn. If your orthotics are designed to help optimise your performance during sports and to help relieve pain induced by sports and strenuous activity, then we recommend wearing your orthotics inside your sports shoes during sports and physical activity. Your podiatrist will discuss your orthotics with you thoroughly and inform you of the best wearing protocols that are specific to your circumstances to produce the best outcomes for your feet.
Yes we do, where the orthotic has not exceeded its lifespan and is still doing a good job for your feet!
The wearing-in period occurs in the first two weeks of receiving your first pair of custom orthotics. Because the orthotics will be supporting your feet and legs in a new and optimised position, your lower limbs need to get used to and adjust to this new position. This is why we recommend wearing your orthotics for only an hour on their first day of wear, and increasing this time by an hour each day until you can wear them for 8+ hours comfortably. Then you can continue to wear them all day. We also recommend that you do not play sports or partake in any strenuous activity in your new orthotics until you’re able to wear them comfortably for an entire day.
That’s no problem. Sometimes, the inner lining or stitching of a shoe will cause the orthotic to sit abnormally and it may not feel comfortable. Whatever the cause, we can easily make adjustments to your orthotics onsite to get them (and you) feeling more comfortable.
No problem, we have a wide variety of braces, splints, toe-props, and all of the other important gadgets that help us to best care for your feet and provide you with the best treatment solutions. Anything we don’t have, we can order in.
Yes, you can. We keep all of our scripts and records of your feet so we are able to create multiple pairs of orthotics for your feet. This will, however, be assessed on a case-by-case basis as some foot conditions are more complex than others and require different levels of precision depending on the features of your particular orthotics. There may also be a chance that your feet have changed over the past year and another impression will need to be taken.
Come in for an orthotic check! We’ll be happy to assess your orthotics, regardless if they are from us or another clinic, to see if they are still functioning well or if they are no longer supporting your feet and legs the way they should be. The biggest indication that they’ve exceeded their lifespan is pain – if your pain has returned or you’ve begun developing foot pain or issues while wearing your orthotics then it’s very likely that they’re no longer doing their job!
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