Orthotics For Sports, Injury & Pain

Orthotics are an important part of sports, injury and pain management and allow you to get back to feeling your best and enjoying the sports you love.

By changing and optimising the way the feet and legs function with every step, orthotics have the ability to significantly improve your performance and comfort, reduce your risk of injury and facilitate the healing and repair of injuries. Different sports differ in the muscles and areas of the lower limbs that are put high levels of stress and repetitively used. This means that feet need different areas and levels of support from an orthotic, depending on the dominant movements in the sport and how the feet and legs are used. Some sports have a strong focus on rapid movements on the feet with abrupt stops/starts, and quick changes in direction. Individuals partaking in these sports will benefit from added stability from their orthotics, to reduce the risk of rolling and spraining their ankle as they rapidly change direction during running. Other sports have an emphasis on jumping and a greater load through the patella (knee) and the quadriceps tendon. We prescribe and produce custom-made sport-specific orthotics by combining the findings of a person’s thorough biomechanical assessment with the demands of their sport to both have them performing optimally and reducing their risk of injury in their sport.

Sports-specific shoe consulting & evaluation

Alongside orthotics, your shoes can also impact your performance and your risk of injury. We assess and evaluate your footwear in light of your sporting involvement as well as the outcome of your biomechanical assessment, whereby we identify any limitations in the movement through your feet and legs, areas of muscular weakness or strain, deviations from optimal alignment, and much more. If you’re about to purchase a new pair of sports shoes for the season, we can advise you on the best selection for your feet, as well as make custom alterations to new or existing footwear so you can perform at your best.

Working with sporting teams

If you’d like Kane Orthotics to partner with your sporting team to optimise their lower limb function and recovery specific to your sport, get in touch with us to check availability for the season. We offer comprehensive biomechanical assessments for players to evaluate foot and leg function, strength and alignment. We assess the risk of injury given the findings of the assessment combined with their injury history, and work to minimise this risk. We manage any sustained injuries to ensure optimal recovery with minimal long-term effects, and get players back on the field and performing at their best as fast as possible. To learn more about the foot and leg problems we treat, click here.