Footwear & Footwear Modifications

Footwear is one of those things that while worn daily, the important functions of which are often poorly understood or recognised. They’re often simply worn as a fashion statement or out of necessity, though can actually play an important role in the rehabilitation of injuries to the feet and legs.

The shoes we wear can either support our bones, joints and muscles with every step we take, or allow the foot to roll freely in the shoe or on the ground and contribute to the development of foot pain and problems.

Similarly, having the right shoes can work as a crucial part of treating foot pain by:

  • Stabilising the foot and ankle
  • Preventing undesired movements that may otherwise strain tendons or ligaments
  • Helping to relieve pressure away from the painful area and  structures
  • Help to keep the feet supported

Did you know that your shoes can affect how well your orthotics work? Yep! Read more about it here.

Footwear Modification

At Perform Podiatry, we are one of the few clinics in New Zealand – and the only one in Auckland – that have the ability to modify your footwear to help injuries, deformities and accommodate most fit problems.

 We offer a range of footwear modification services to get new or existing footwear fitting and functioning to meet the complex needs of your feet and regular activities. These may include:

  • Increase cushioning or shock absorption
  • Heel height alterations internally and externally for those with limb length differences
  • Stretching the shoes: targeting specific areas such as bunions and hammertoes or claw-toes
  • Heel grips: so as to prevent your slip-on becoming a slip-off!
  • Lateral or medial wedges for foot deformations and structural abnormalities

Because each foot is different, we are happy to discuss and accommodate additional modifications that are not listed above. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our patients and creating new and innovative modifications to best suit our patients is one of the many ways we do this!

Footwear Consultation

It can be difficult to know which shoe is the best option for you and your foot type, especially if you have a history of injury or are involved in various sports. We offer footwear consultations to examine your existing footwear with regards to your foot type, structural alignment, muscle strength, and various other considerations.

We provide advice on the best work-specific, sport-specific and generally life-specific footwear so you can feel great on your feet – while minimising your risk of pain and injury. Because there is often a direct link between footwear and performance, as well as footwear and injury, we aim to equip our patients to make the best footwear selections for their feet both now and in the years to come.


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