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Leading children’s foot doctors in Remuera, Auckland

Our team of podiatrists work extensively with children and families to safely and effectively manage a range of foot and leg pains and problems. Aside from being qualified podiatrists, we’re parents too. So we know how it feels to see something unusual and feel concerned, worried, or wonder what repercussions the problem may have for our kids further down the track. We provide every child and family with the very best care, so you feel confident about your child’s outcome and progress.

Treatment for kids foot pain and skin problems

When it comes to children’s feet, their busy and fast-paced nature (paired with their growing and developing bones) means that there are a lot of ways the feet can be affected. We often see and treat:
  • Warts on the feet: plantar warts are caused by a virus and are often spread through schools by sharing the same floors, especially when barefoot such as in swimming areas
  • Growing pains: there’s a common misconception that growing pains can’t be treated and are a normal part of growth. This is far from the truth. The pain experienced in growing pains has a defined medical cause – and therefore a clear medical treatment approach.
  • Ingrown toenails: ingrown toenails occur when part of the toenail grows into the surrounding skin, leading to significant pain and inflammation. This can make it very uncomfortable for kids to walk and play normally – especially in their school shoes.
  • In-toeing and out-toeing: both in-toeing and out-toeing may be normal occurrences in short windows of a child’s life, but can also be pathological (problematic) and lead to problems like regular tripping and falling during physical activity
  • Toe walking: for some kids, toe walking is simply a fun habit. For others, repeatedly toe walking is a sign that the Achilles tendon has contracted in length and it has now become uncomfortable for them to walk with their heel in contact with the ground
  • Ankle sprains: ankle sprains are not uncommon in busy kids, especially when playing games that involve rapid changes in direction. While ankle sprains are often overlooked due to their common nature, treating them is very important in helping to prevent long-term ankle instability.
  • Hammertoes: hammertoes present as toes that are bent at one or more of the toe joints, creating a prominent area that may rub against the top of shoes and create blisters, corns or calluses. While initially toe deformities may remain flexible, they tend to quickly grow rigid and fixed in place, which will persist throughout adulthood.
  • Bunions: we are seeing more early bunions in children, most often linked to either footwear or genetic structural foot characteristics, both of which can be managed when a bunion is detected early, giving time for intervention to slow or pause the progression of the bunion
  • Shin pain: having shin pain is disheartening for kids as it can interrupt their ability to play with their friends, adventure and explore.
  • Knee pain: we see and treat knee pain in kids from a range of causes including growing pains at the knees.
  • Heel pain: while growing pains are a common cause of heel pain in kids, we are seeing more and more instances of other causes, especially those seen in adults as children start to enter more competitive sports at an earlier age.

Children’s foot specialist or doctor?

Our podiatry foot specialists are all registered, experienced and trusted podiatrists that are extensively trained and qualified in assessing, diagnosing and treating children’s foot, ankle and leg problems. We work alongside a large network of doctors who refer their paediatric patients to us for continuing care and treatment.  While many parents initially raise concerns with their GP, like the presence of in-toeing or toe walking, they are referred to our podiatrists because we have the right child-friendly assessment techniques, analysis software (like video gait analysis) and treatment options – such as creating a custom ‘gait plate’ orthotic that is designed to straighten feet. While many of our patients come from referrals from doctors, physiotherapists and other health professionals, you do not need a referral to book in with us.

Kids Podiatry Appointments For Foot & Leg Care

We recommend booking an appointment with our podiatrists if you’re concerned about your child’s walking, running, their feet or legs, or they’re in any pain. We always take each case very seriously and perform a thorough investigation – there is no case that is too small for us to assess and see how we can help. Book your appointment with our Auckland kids podiatrists here. Our clinic is located in the One Health building on Remuera Road, close to Newmarket.