Fun and Active School Holiday Ideas in Auckland!

October 1, 2018

The time has arrived that our kids have been waiting for… It’s the school holidays! As experts in kids health and keeping them happy and active (as well as parents ourselves), we’ve hunted around and found 5 more active school holiday activities here in Auckland to keep boredom at bay and energy levels being well used!

1. Indoor Trampolining

If you haven’t already been to this giant warehouse room filled from wall to wall with trampolines, then this is a MUST. It’s a fantastic workout, it strengthens all sorts of muscles, helps with balance and coordination, aaaand there’s almost always a cafe for the parents to relax. Win-win!

2. North Head Historic Reserve/Tunnels

If you’ve not yet taken your kids to the tunnels, then put it on the list. With the weather slowly warming up (very slowly!), we can start planning more for the outdoors, and atop a hill with a fantastic view of Auckland is a great place to start. Kids can explore and wander the caves, check out canons and other historic remanents, learn a bit of history from the onsite info centre, and run around and have fun! Best of all, it’s completely FREE and can be followed easily by a picnic or fish and chips down at Devonport wharf. Better yet, if you don’t live on the North Shore, you can catch a ferry over from the city!

3. Cornwall Park

It’s an oldie but a goodie – even we spent much time here as kids! From the walks around the park and up the hill, to the sheep, the playgrounds, the cafe – and of course, the Stardome! This park really does have a diverse range of activities for families of all ages and sizes, and this just so happens to be the time of year that the cherry blossoms are in bloom so enjoy the scenery and lovely aromas!

4. Butterfly Creek

From everything we’ve heard about this place, it’s awesome and definitely on the to-go list! There’s a stunning butterfly enclosure, a variety of farm animals, bugs, monkeys, a bird aviary, crocodiles, the dinosaurs kingdom and so much more! Which all equals a great day out for the family.

5. Western Springs / Motat / The Zoo

Three fantastic places in one location. Western Springs is always a family favourite for a free and light-hearted afternoon. Bring a picnic, let the kids play on the playground or run around with the birds, and be careful that they don’t run back after them! Motat is a goodie if the weather has turned and a day of learning and fun is in store. And the zoo – well, we don’t even need to go into all the great aspects of spending the day exploring, learning about and feeding the animals! However you’re spending these holidays, we hope that you have a great time with your family and make the most of the (hopefully) better spring weather! And if anyone in your family develops any pain or problems with the feet or legs these holidays, bring them in and we’ll get you feeling great on your feet again! – The team at Perform Podiatry