Painful Toenails Treatment Auckland

Experiencing painful toenails? Our podiatrists treat a range of causes of toenail pain and swelling. We’ve been trusted by over 10,000 residents across Remuera and Auckland. Painful toenails can make walking and daily life very uncomfortable and difficult. This is why we see hundreds of patients each month specifically for toenail pain that arises from a variety of causes. Our podiatrists are foot care specialists that can treat painful toenails, relieve your pain, and work to reduce the risk of your toenail pain coming back. This is done on a case-by-case basis as everyone’s circumstances are different. The most common causes of painful toenails we see include:

Thickened nails cause toenail pain

When toenails are thick, they can create painful pressure at the nail at the toe box of the shoe. Using specialised podiatric equipment we are able to reduce the thickness and re-shape nails effectively. We’ll remove any sharp or flaky edges to reduce the risk of the nail catching on socks and hosiery. Most patients walk out of their appointment feeling a noticeable difference.

Ingrown toenails

An ingrown nail can be excruciatingly painful, frustrating and dangerous. It occurs when the nail starts cutting into the skin next to the nail, causing pain, redness, inflammation and potential infection. Our podiatrists offer treatments ranging from simply trimming back the ingrown nail edge using specialised tools to performing minor nail surgery to keep the ingrown portion of the nail gone. This offers permanent relief of a very painful problem that untreated can linger for years.

Corns at the edges of toenails

Corns are thick, hardened layers of skin that develop as a response to pressure or friction. They can feel like walking on a pebble when they arise on the bottom of their foot. If they develop around the toenails, often on the sides of the nail or at the tip of the nail, they can cause pain and discomfort.

Warts at the edges of toenails

Much like corns at the edges of the nails, warts can also arise close to the nail – particularly at the front of the nail or just beneath the nail in that area – and cause pain as the nail naturally grows over them.

Nail infections

Fungal nail infections can cause toenail pain or discomfort because the fungus can cause redness and itching, as well as uncomfortable nail thickening.

Bruised toenails cause toenail pain

Bruised toenails can cause toenail pain because the bruising indicates blood vessels bursting beneath the nail – often as a result of trauma like stubbing the toe, dropping something on the toenail, or wearing shoes that are too small and place excess pressure on the toes. Along with the bruising can come pain and discomfort.

Lifting toenails

Toenails may lift and separate from the nail bed for a number of reasons ranging from nail infections to nail injury. When nails lift, the distorted nail shape can create pain, as well as press on the tops of shoes to cause further pain.

Our Podiatrists Treat Toenail Pain

Treating toenail pain is often simple and starts with an appointment with our foot specialists in Auckland. We’ll assess what is going on and causing your toenail pain, explain everything to you, and discuss the best, personalised treatment plan to meet your goals and lifestyle. Book your podiatrist appointment here.