Occupational Podiatry – Helping You at Work

January 28, 2018

We spend a third of our life at work, with many of us on our feet all day, so it makes sense that the workplace can be a great source of foot pain. Pain at work not only impairs your (and your employees’, if you’re a business owner) performance, but also your mental well-being too. This is why we offer a range of occupational Podiatry services, to keep your team happy, healthy and at the top of their game. Whether it’s an injury sustained at work, or a pre-existing condition that is impacting your ability to carry out your work, our expert team here at Perform Podiatry have you covered.

We help you prevent injuries at your workplace

Identifying problems before they arise means your team stay healthy and happy. It keeps your business on-track with less sick days and appointments to attend, is cost-effective, and generally creates and happier and safer workplace. Our registered Podiatrists can talk you through your workplace, your injury risks, examine previous injury incidence, and work with you to mitigate injury.

We help your team manage existing injuries

From July 2016 to July 2017, there were 841 new claims of injury at work that affected the feet and legs in Auckland alone. That’s not including all of the existing claims that affected individuals are still managing. We can help you effectively manage your existing injuries so you can get out of pain and get back to feeling like yourself and doing the things you enjoy as quickly as possible. You can have a Podiatrist assess, diagnose, treat and manage the injuries incurred at your workplace. The management plan will be specific to their role, creating as few disruptions as possible to the daily workings of your company or business. For your interest, in 2016 there was a total of 233,000 claims for workplace injuries in New Zealand. Damaging your feet, and having an event like a fall, also risks damaging other parts of the body too.

We’re ACC registered

We’re ACC registered Podiatrists and have an additional contract with ACC for orthotic cover. That means when you need it, you’ll have the best level of cover for the treatments that’ll help you the most. We take the hassle out of filling in ACC paperwork – you’ve got enough on your plate with your injury! From lumps and bumps on your feet, muscle strains, sprains or any cause of pain in the feet, legs and knees, our team will ensure you get the best care. We’ll refer you for any diagnostic testing where necessary, as well as connect you with other trusted health professionals where your injury requires another health professional to assist in the management. Give us a call on 09-523-2333 to talk about your own foot care needs, or those of your workplace.