Medical Pedicures

October 12, 2017

Medical Pedicures – Feel great and stay safe on your feet with Perform Podiatry

If you’ve ever been to a chain nail salon, there’s a good chance you’ll have asked yourself things along the lines of:

  • Has this chair been cleaned following the person before me?
  • Do they sterilise their instruments?
  • How do they stop the spread of infection?
  • What are the chances I’m going to pick up something nasty?

And you’d be absolutely right to wonder one or all of those things. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us to hear patients describe picking up fungal infections of the skin and nails from salons before they start seeing us. Warts can also be readily transmitted through contact in various places ranging from public swimming pools to gym showers and the like. Hygiene is important! Direct contact is one of the easiest ways to spread infections and nail salons that have hundreds of feet a day pass through them. It can definitely be a risk when you can’t be certain of their infection control and hygiene protocols.

Safety and Hygiene First

What you CAN be certain of is our hygiene, infection control protocols and standard of care. At Perform Podiatry, we’re committed to providing clinical excellence in all areas of Podiatry – and this very much includes General Nail Care appointments!

Every set of instruments is steam-sterilised at least the day before you see us to meet all of the health board regulations and protocols. We document and track each instrument set and cycle to ensure this and for our clinical records. We use all of the recommended personal protective equipment (and even extra!) to protect both yourself and us from any potential contaminants. We take continued professional development courses to learn and keep updated on the latest standards and techniques in infection control at least every 2 years.

More than hygiene, we have a large variety of tools and instruments to make sure your feet get the best care. We follow clinical guidelines throughout all of our treatment to ensure that nothing may pose a risk to your foot health. We care for elongated toenails, thickened nails, fungal nails, discoloured nails, ingrown nails and whatever nail condition you have. We remove unwanted callus, reduce cracked heels, remove corns, treat warts and fungal infections and much more! We then help you understand what caused the problem you’re having and how to stop it from coming back.

You are much more than just another pair of feet to us – your feet are what keep you going throughout the day and throughout life and we value that! It’s why we do what we do in Podiatry. To get the best in care for your feet, give us a call and book in with our awesome team! 09 523 2333