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Maani Kaur

Sukhmani Kaur (Maani) is a dedicated and friendly professional currently working as a receptionist at Perform Podiatry since late 2023. Born in India, Sukhmani and her family migrated to New Zealand when she was very young, creating a multicultural backdrop that greatly influences her warm and inclusive approach to customer service. With a passion for understanding the complexities of human behaviour, Sukhmani is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at AUT (Auckland University of Technology). This academic pursuit not only reflects her intellectual curiosity but also demonstrates her commitment to personal and professional growth. Sukhmani’s journey in the field of customer service has been diverse, having worked in various capacities across different industries. Her experience has equipped her with valuable skills in communication, problem-solving, and creating positive interactions with clients. Colleagues and clients alike appreciate Sukhmani’s sweet and approachable nature, which contributes to the welcoming atmosphere at Perform Podiatry.