Gift Vouchers

You are now able to buy gift vouchers for our services here at Perform Podiatry, so you can give the gift of foot health, improved well-being and foot comfort to loved ones and team members (for businesses).

Podiatry Services At  Perform Podiatry

Located within the One Health building along Remuera Road in Auckland (close to Newmarket), we’ve built a team of confident, competent and experienced practitioners who are committed to understanding their patients’ needs and delivering comprehensive podiatric services that deliver optimal outcomes. We’re proud of the wide range of services that we can offer and hold expertise in.

Foot health is one of those things that is often overlooked until pain and symptoms start, but when they do start, we know how important it is to get you on the right track to a full recovery and back to your normal daily life as quickly as possible. We treat everyone from those who are very active on their feet and suffer sport-related injuries, to those who develop ingrown toenails, need their nails cosmetically restored, and more. Your concerns matter, regardless of their nature.

Our Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers from Perform Podiatry can be used on any of our services, appointments and products (purchases) within the clinic. These are a thoughtful and practical way to care for the health of others and offer a meaningful gift. The recipient will be able to choose how they would like to use their vouchers, for example:

  • Medical pedicure: full foot and nail care in a safe and hygienic way performed by a skilled, experienced podiatrist. Read more including before and after photos here
  • Heel pain treatment: we diagnose the underlying cause(s) of your heel pain so you get a tailored treatment approach that is evidence-based to be the most effective for your circumstances.
  • Foot and leg injury treatment: we specialise in the management of a range of foot and leg pains, from shin splints to unstable ankles, sprains and more.
  • Children’s podiatry care: kids’ feet go through a lot of growing, changes, aches and pains. We keep them supported and feeling great on their feet so they can keep playing, running and doing the things they love.

How To Purchase Gift Vouchers

The best way to purchase a gift voucher is to email our reception team at

Please describe the voucher value you would like to purchase (or the service you want the voucher to cover and we can advise you on the recommended voucher value). Alternatively, you are welcome to purchase a gift voucher the next time that you are in the clinic.

Gift Voucher Redemption

Gift vouchers must be redeemed 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used on any of our services, treatments and products.


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