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Emily Anderson

Meet Emily, the invaluable addition to our team this year, with a wealth of administrative experience garnered from a diverse range of business, non-profit, and community organizations. Her passion lies in streamlining operations and implementing efficient systems to ensure the clinic runs seamlessly, all while prioritizing top-notch service for our cherished patients. Hailing originally from Washington DC, USA, Emily’s journey led her and her family to call Auckland home for the past 17 years. Despite the time spent abroad, her unmistakable American accent still shines through when you give the clinic a ring! Emily finds immense joy in spending quality moments with her loved ones, be it family or friends, and can often be found engaging in exhilarating games of pickleball, sailing, or actively participating in church activities. With Emily’s expertise and vibrant personality, our team thrives, and our commitment to delivering exceptional care to each patient remains stronger than ever. We are grateful to have her on board, ensuring that every aspect of the clinic resonates with the highest standards of excellence.