Christmas Is For Crackers, Not Cracked Heels!

December 11, 2018

If you suffer from cracked heels, then you’ll definitely know about it. Your heels feel rough and the breaks in the skin can catch on your socks and carpet. When you walk barefooted, the cracks can trap dirt. As the hard skin is left unmanaged and continues to build, the healthy skin at the base of the cracks can crack too, causing them to bleed and become very painful. This is where we come in and turn hard, cracked heels into soft, smooth skin.

But what causes cracked heels?

When the skin at the heels becomes dry, it loses its elasticity and suppleness, and becomes hard. Repeated pressure, friction and insufficient moisture to the heels cause more callus to develop. When the thick, dry callus is placed under stress and tension, it splits and cracks. If the cracks split the underlying healthy skin, they’ll become painful, may bleed and are vulnerable to infection. Cracked heels are ultimately caused by factors that place more force or friction on the heels. These include:
  • Certain footwear such as jandals and those with a firm sole
  • Barefoot walking which places more force through the heels as there is no cushioning from footwear, as well as encouraging the loss of moisture
  • Strenuous physical activity
  • Not keeping the heels well moisturised

How can we get smooth, supple heels again?

It’s actually much more simple than you think! There are two key steps. 1.  The first is to book in for a 30-minute medical pedicure with us. We’ll start by removing all of the hard, dead skin from your heels using a surgical scalpel. Don’t worry! Because it’s all dead skin, this step is completely harmless. We’ll then use a sanding disc to smooth out any rough or uneven areas, apply tea tree oil, and using an intensive urea-based moisturiser. After these steps, you’ll notice a significant difference as you feel soft, smooth skin. We often hear remarks about how much skin has come off their heels, and that it’s likely to have tipped the weight scales in their favour! 2. The second step is that you continue to moisturise your heels every day. The harsher the conditions and the hotter it is, the more important it is for you to moisture. So this is an absolute essential for the summer! You keep doing this every day, and you keep your cracked heels at bay. If 12-months down the track you notice you’ve let the routine slip and you need another appointment to remove the skin again, we repeat this process and you’re away smiling.

Take care of your heels today!

To start taking care of your feet – and to feel miles better after your first appointment, book in with our foot care experts by calling 09 523 2333 or book online here!