Wart Treatment | Wart Surgery Removal Auckland

Perform Podiatry offers safe, effective and professional wart removal of even the most deep-seated and long-lasting warts. 

While we also offer traditional treatments like topic acids for warts that are effective for some people, we recognise that the nature of warts means that this approach may be ineffective for others, especially if they’ve tried other treatments in the past.  Our surgical approach to treating warts on the feet, called an excision, works by removing the whole wart from the foot. Here, we differentiate between the infected wart cells and the healthy cells of your skin and use a surgical tool to ‘scoop’ the wart out of the skin. As an anaesthetic is used, you don’t feel anything during the procedure. Surgery may be indicated when the wart is present on a painful and high-pressure area of the foot, which in turn interferes with carrying out daily activities, causing you discomfort and pain. Our podiatrists achieve great results using this procedure. Some benefits of wart surgery include:
  • It’s a simple surgical procedure performed in-clinic
  • Only one appointment and procedure are required, unlike other wart treatments that require multiple sessions
  • The whole appointment takes less than 60 minutes, with the procedure time typically less than 20 minutes
  • It’s performed under local anaesthetic, so no pain is felt during the procedure
  • It has good outcomes and efficacy compared to other treatments
  • Because the wart is removed on the day, any pain or discomfort caused by the wart will be alleviated once the surgical site heals
  • You will be able to return to work/school the day following the procedure if not the same day, depending on the size and position of your plantar wart
  • This procedure is safe for children as well as adults
  • We monitor your progress to ensure it is healing well

What happens during the procedure?

We start by administering local anaesthetic so the affected area is completely numb. Your podiatrist will circumscribe the edges of the warts, separating the affected viral tissue from the healthy surrounding tissue. We then take an instrument called a curette and ‘scoop’ out the whole wart.  Next, we apply dressings that will support the optimum healing of the wart. You will be instructed to avoid wetting the foot (like under a shower) for 48 hours. After this, you are free to shower and continue life as normal.


Your anaesthetic will wear off a few hours after your procedure. The total recovery time typically takes up to four weeks, depending on the patient and the size and location of their plantar wart. There may be some slight discomfort for the first couple of days and pain relief may be taken to ease this as long as it is not aspirin-based. You will have a follow-up appointment within the first week of your procedure to re-dress the surgical site where you will be given a take-home dressing pack to continue re-dressing your foot at home. You will be given home-care instructions on how to care for your feet and achieve the best healing outcomes. As with any treatment for plantar warts, there is no guarantee that the wart will not return in the future, regardless of the treatment approach. This is because once infected, the HPV virus remains inside your body and may present as warts at different times in your life. Treatment focuses on removing painful, uncomfortable or unsightly warts that have a negative impact on your quality of life, and are successful in achieving this for the specific wart in question.

Best Podiatry Treatment Of Warts In Auckland

Our podiatrists here at Perform Podiatry pride themselves on offering superior treatments for warts on the feet and taking exceptional care of our patients. In order to have wart surgery, you must first attend an appointment to assess your wart and evaluate your suitability for the procedure. From here, your podiatrist will let you know the next steps and what you can expect.