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Children’s Foot problems

Perform Podiatry has a special interest in children’s foot problems and we welcome children of all ages into the practice. No child is too young to be seen by a podiatrist.

Many parents get worried when they see their toddler’s feet pointing inwards or outwards and if they appear to have flat arches. Children sometime suffer growing pains, sore heels and sore knees, and the pain is usually particularly apparent after sport or activity. This may even cause your child to limp.
You may even notice lumps and bumps on the bottom of your child’s foot, rest assured, it’s most likely to be a wart or verruca!


If you are concerned about:

  • The way your child walks
  • Constant tripping and falling
  • Skin rashes between toes
  • Discoloured toenails
  • Uneven shoewear
  • Limping (particularly after activity)
  • Hard skin lumps or bumps
  • Child complains about sore feet or legs or
  • Any another problems


It is recommended to get a check-up; we will establish the diagnosis, the cause, and work out a treatment and management plan together.

With children it is essential to identify as early as possible, any problems that might need specialist treatment in order to prevent problems later in life.

Treatments can include:

  • Painless yet effective treatment of warts and verrucas
  • Fun exercises for stretching and strengthening of muscles
  • Footwear analysis and footwear advice
  • Colourful strapping and taping for injuries
  • Padding to alleviate pressure on sore spots
  •  Soft customised foot orthotic to control abnormal foot mechanics
  • Conservative or surgical treatment of ingrown toenails
  • Education about foot health and foot care