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Nuzhat Yousufi BHSc(Pod.)

Greetings, everyone! Meet Nuzhat, a kind and ambitious individual hailing from Afghanistan. With a strong desire to assist others and a medical background from her home country, she holds a profound love for the medical profession. Nuzhat’s unique trait is her fluency in four languages, including Pashto, Urdu, English, and Dari, which allows her to connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Nuzhat’s passion for understanding different cultures is evident in her love for conversations that bridge gaps and foster connections. Her warm and approachable demeanour makes it easy for others to trust and open up to her, creating meaningful bonds. Coming from a large and close-knit family, Nuzhat values responsibility and cherishes her role as a loving mother. Even after immigrating to New Zealand from Afghanistan, she faced challenges head-on and never let go of her dreams. Undeterred by the circumstances, Nuzhat embarked on a journey to pursue higher education in a foreign land. First, she honed her English language skills and then delved into a Bachelor of Health program, ultimately specializing in podiatry. Now, she proudly serves as a dedicated podiatrist, embracing her passion for helping others. Beyond her professional achievements, Nuzhat finds joy in various hobbies. She loves the serenity of bushwalking, the joy of beach outings with friends, and the emotional depth of reading poetry books. Nuzhat also finds solace in writing journals, allowing her to reflect on her experiences and aspirations. Additionally, her love for baking adds a touch of sweetness to her life and those around her. Currently, Nuzhat revels in her fulfilling role as a podiatrist, working harmoniously with the caring team at Perform Podiatry. Each day, she delights in helping her patients and making a positive impact on their lives. With her determination, clear goals for the future, and unwavering dedication to her passions, Nuzhat continues to inspire those around her. Her remarkable journey from Afghanistan to New Zealand serves as a testament to her resilience and unwavering spirit. A true embodiment of compassion and multicultural understanding, Nuzhat is a beacon of hope in the world of healthcare and beyond.
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If you’ve had enough with thickened or crumbly nails sticking out of your sandals or shoes that you regularly try to hide or paint over, we’ve got the perfect solution. Using specialised podiatric equipment, we’re actually able to reduce the nail thickness across the entire nail and leave a smooth and clean surface. This not only improves the look of your nails, but the reduction in thickness also reduces any painful pressure from the nail rubbing against the top of the toe box of the shoe. There are multiple causes that can lead to thickened toenails such as poor circulation, nail fungus, trauma/injury and some skin conditions that affect the toenails. We’ll chat about your cause and how to control this problem in the future.
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Don’t worry, there’ll be no scrubber brush here that will irritate your skin and has likely been used on hundreds of other patients this week like they have in the salons! We manage heel cracks by removing the hard, overgrown skin around the cracks with a scalpel and sanding the rest down with a medical sanding disc to produce a clean and smooth appearance – and an incredible feeling when you put your feet down. We’re often shocked at salons that try to ‘scrub’ these cracks away as when you have a heel crack, there is a significant chance of cracking the healthy, viable skin in the fissures and causing them to bleed – not to mention a significant risk of infection. Once the cracks are reduced, they are much easier to maintain with regular moisturising – plus we’ll fill you in on other tips and tricks to stop them from coming back. You can learn more about cracked heels here.
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Having a fungal nail infection is one thing, but having it significantly affect the appearance of your nail, causing white/yellow discolouration, brittleness and/or thickness is another ball game. We not only offer treatments for fungal nail infections and educate you on how to get rid of them and keep them gone (and from spreading to your family), but reduce any thickness and work to optimise the appearance of your nails right there in the appointment. We often have patients remarking about the significantly improved appearance – and feeling much more confident about their feet and wearing those sandals! If you’re unsure if you have a fungal nail infection – don’t worry! We’re able to test and confirm the presence of fungus in just 5 minutes and with 99{4608e1a09cc00129bac83633ac77b90aeca44866622276a70b6fa49969e91dab} accuracy. You can learn more about fungal nail infections here.
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Broken toenails may be frustrating and not look great, but they can also be very painful and carry the risk of an edge catching on a sock and pulling on the nail or breaking it further. Ouch! This is why we repair any breaks or cracks you have during your appointment too. We use a clear resin that creates a hard, permanent seal over the nail that is barely noticeable. Because it’s set with a UV light, there’s no drying time either!
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If you’ve got thick, overgrown cuticles – or are just unhappy with their appearance, we’ll safely and effectively remove them without pushing them back and damaging the healthy, surrounding skin. We use a thin burr to precisely remove and smooth the nail base and have you looking great and ready to get your polish on!
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Do you have hard patches of skin around your nails, toes and feet? Does your skin feel rough, dry or have that white, blistery appearance? Don’t worry, we can take care of all of that during your appointment. We start by using a surgical scalpel to remove any excess hard skin (callus) and any corn on your feet or down the sides of the nails. This is very safe and completely painless as we are simply removing hard, dead skin, and not touching the healthy skin. We then use a fast-rotating sanding disk to remove the areas of rough or dry skin, and smooth the areas where your callus used to be. Again, this is completely painless – though some find it a bit ticklish! Because hard or dry skin doesn’t develop for no reason, we also chat about the causes and how to prevent them so you don’t have to repeatedly suffer from this problem! You can learn more about callus here.


Podiatrists Board of New Zealand

Education and Qualification

Auckland University of Technology
Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry