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Orthotics and footwear

foot impression


Foot orthotics are devices that provide support for stressed joints and soft tissues.


Orthotics are shoe inserts that are intended to correct an abnormal, or irregular walking pattern. Orthotics are not “arch supports”. An orthotic is designed to guide the mechanics of the foot to a precise degree which help the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently, making standing, walking, and running more comfortable.


An orthotic is designed to correct any biomechanical anomalies and distribute weight away from the painful area.

Properly designed foot orthotics may compensate for impaired foot function and control the position and motion of your foot.

Orthotics can prevent the development of a  disability and additional deformity of the feet; this may result in dramatic improvement in foot symptoms.

Before orthotics can be prescribed:

  • A detailed history is taken and diagnosis of symptoms
  • Full biomechanical examination is conducted
  • Computer video gait analysis is performed and evaluated
  • All regular footwear is examined
  • Patient goals and preferences are considered



Foot orthotics broadly fall into two main types: 

Fully Customized Long Term Orthotics

custom orthotics

Partially customised orthotics

prefab orthotics


Footwear Modification and Adjustment

Shoes can play a major part in the management of painful feet
At Perform Podiatry we have the ability to modify your footwear to accommodate most fit problems. We can work with you to provide comfort accommodation of your foot deformity.


shoe-modification2Footwear Modifications include:

  • Increase cushioning or shock absorption
  • Heel height alterations internally and externally  for those with limb length difference
  • Stretching : targeting specific areas such as bunions and Hammer toe / Claw toe
  • Heel grips : so as to prevent your slip on becoming a slip off
  • Lateral or medial wedging for severely deformed feet